High quality, conscious enjoyment

Our durians are freshly harvested, packed and delivered directly to your doorstep – ensuring that you enjoy only the freshest durian from the comfort of your home.

Excellence in quality

Specially and carefully hand-picked by dedicated personnel to supply durian of the best quality for your consumption.

First-hand experience

Come visit our durian orchard and experience for yourself the life in a day here


Snowy Musang King Durian

The 100% pure durian puree is wrapped with pillow-like textured snow skin, leaving you feeling satisfied yet craving for more after each bite!

Exquisite taste – A flavourful MSK durian moisture at every bite with no overwhelming aftertaste.

Perfect texture – A creamy sensation with smooth Musang King durian puree wrapped with chewy-soft snow skin.


37, Jalan Tan Tiong, 27600 Raub, Pahang.


Phone: +6013 922 1550

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